Covid-Safe Guidelines
Workshop Guidelines

CGA members strongly believe in a code of conduct by the workshop providers in order to protect the reputation and standing of Casting Directors in the actor community. Many members of the CGA are happy to participate in organised workshops for the development of actors. We require that Workshop Producers abide by our guidelines as drawn up by the CGA and outlined in our letter of agreement. These guidelines were created to support an instructional environment taught by experienced professionals. Members should be contacted individually via the information available on this site.

CGA Anti Sexual Harassment Guidelines and Protocols - March 2022

A guide and important tool for Casting Directors, ensuring a safe environment for all participants in our industry “Guidelines and Protocols in Relation to Sexual Harassment & Protection of Artists in the Workplace”.

Guideline of TVC Percentages for Additional Media (August 2021)
CGA TVC Deal Memo Template_2023

A cast deal memo is an agreement that includes contact information, terms of compensation, and other amenities provided to an individual cast member, such as travel and accommodation expenses and reimbursement.

The Casting Guild of Australia Statement November 2019 Re: TV Commercials
Feature Film Preliminary Casting Services Agreement

This agreement shall constitute the basic terms and conditions of the agreement between the production company and the Casting Director in connection with the development of a feature film.

Self-tape best practice guidelines - February 2022

The following document was first drafted from the findings of the MEAA member survey by a committee of MEAA performer members. Performer agents and Casting Directors were then consulted in turn, and the document amended accordingly. The purpose of the suggested guidelines is to standardise the self-tape process in terms of technology, time commitments and self-test expectations, whilst allowing for the best performance possible: a win-win situation for all parties.

The CGA Letter to Actors and Agents

A letter from the CGA to Actors & Agents including some valuable tips, tricks and advice.