The Casting Guild of Australia.
EST. 2013

The Guild.

The Casting Guild of Australia provides a central forum for casting professionals working in film, television, and theatre. The CGA is a unified voice within the industry, and highlights members’ contributions and achievements. To become a member, please complete the Membership Application form and send it to The membership form will require the signatures of four current CGA members.
Full membership requires applicants to have a minimum of four years professional experience as a Casting Director. Associate Membership requires applicants to have a minimum of two years as an assistant to a Casting Director.
Amanda Mitchell
Angela Heesom
(Executive Committee Member)
Annie Murtagh-Monks
Anousha Zarkesh
(Executive Committee)
Ben Parkinson
Christine King
Cinzia Coassin
Daisy Hicks
Danny Long
David Newman
(Vice President)
Gemma Mestroni
Gemma Brown
Janine Snape
(Executive Committee Member)
Kathryn Courtney-Prior
Kirsty Mcgregor
Maria Efthytmiopoulos
Megan D'Arcy
Melanie Mackintosh
Michelle Clancy
Prue Webster
Robyn Gibbes
Susie Maizels
Thea McLeod
(Executive Committee)
Toni Higginbotham
Wendy Green
(LA Based)

CGA Resources.

CGA members strongly believe in a code of conduct by the workshop providers in order to protect the reputation and standing of Casting Directors in the actor community. Many members of the CGA are happy to participate in organised workshops for the development of actors. We require that Workshop Producers abide by our guidelines as drawn up by the CGA and outlined in our letter of agreement. These guidelines were created to support an instructional environment taught by experienced professionals. Members should be contacted individually via the information available on this site.